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Dygraphs is a fast, flexible open source JavaScript charting library.

  • Handles huge data sets: dygraphs plots millions of points without getting bogged down.
  • Interactive out of the box: zoom, pan and mouseover are on by default.
  • Strong support for error bars / confidence intervals.
  • Highly customizable: using options and custom callbacks, you can make dygraphs do almost anything.
  • dygraphs is highly compatible: it works in all major browsers (including IE8). You can even pinch to zoom on mobile/tablet devices!
  • There's an active community developing and supporting dygraphs.

JavaScript Example

new Dygraph(div, "ny-vs-sf.txt", {
  legend: 'always',
  title: 'NYC vs. SF',
  showRoller: true,
  rollPeriod: 14,
  customBars: true,
  ylabel: 'Temperature (F)',

No roll period

No roll (timestamp)

Roll period of 14 timesteps, custom range selector height and plot color.